lesliephotoWith my background in portraiture, and a love of beauty, style and of combining things of the past with the present, glamour photography is the perfect marriage of all my passions. My approach: fresh and uncluttered, with just the right amount of guided posing to get those soft, feminine and effortless photographs of magazine quality.

I’ve worked over a decade photographing children. I bring the same important elements to glamour photography – flattering light, eye contact, and a relaxed presence. Then I add a few more items to the recipe: expert retouching, wardrobe, big, beautiful hair, stunning makeup, accessories, skillful direction, champagne, laughter, and of course that all-important element, attitude, for which I’m there to help you every step of the way to keep you looking fresh, confident and gorgeous! Did I mention the retouching?

My clients aren’t models, though they’re made to feel like they are. They’re moms, grandmas,CEOs, waitresses, breast cancer survivors, thin women, curvy women….wanting to reveal the part of them that’s been hiding out. Sometimes, they start with the thought that they could never do it.

 And that lasts a few minutes. 🙂