What should I wear?
Bring 5 of your favorite pieces of clothing that you love wearing, which could be gorgeous slips, ruffly blouses, corsets, lingerie, a blingy cocktail dress or romantic gown….I recommend something black, something white or nude, something lacy, and 2 pieces with color in them. This is a great time to pick up a few new items if you’re in the mood. Also, don’t forget to bring some of your favorite accessories, keeping them simple so as not to take away from the main focus….YOU. Ideas for colors? I always recommend bringing one or two tops that are the same color as your eyes. And try to keep everything feminine, soft, and flowy instead of structured.


Help! I don’t know how to pose!
I’ve been trained in posing, guiding, drawing out the natural beauty in you, and helping to inspire you into poses that not only show you in your best light, but enable you to view yourself in a new way. My inspirations come from magazines, the internet, vintage Hollywood…..I can effortlessly apply them to you and give you what you’d like to see for yourself. You’d rather a candid look? Even the best candids need some amount of guidance to really shine.


How can I prepare for the session?
The easy answer to this is make sure you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water on the days leading up to our shoot. Plan for the clothing you’d like to wear in advance, and arrive with a fresh face and clean hair if you’re to get hair and makeup here. The other, more difficult answer is to not try to prepare for it mentally. Simply relax and leave it all up to me!


Do you provide hair and makeup?
Hair and makeup are included in some of the packages, and not in others, yet can be added on for $90. The other option, on the morning of our shoot, is for you to visit a cosmetic counter and have them do your makeup (often, they ask that you purchase a certain dollar amount of makeup from them); then clients will often see their own hair stylist after makeup is done, and have them style their hair. For almost the same cost, you can have the luxury of hair and makeup here, and be confident that our stylists here know exactly the look I’d like to see.


Will you be retouching my photos?
Absolutely! Every photo you purchase is lovingly retouched to the standards you see on my website. Bits and pieces are gently pushed in or out, skin tones are smoothed yet texture remains, wrinkles will be ┬áminimized, eyes brightened, hair made luxurious…..you’ll look like you’ve been to a spa for a month!