Thank you so much for the glamour session, I had so much fun. You made me feel really comfortable (and I was a nervous wreck beforehand!). I feel like I have an extra sexy spring in my step today. Actually I wish I could have stayed longer to see everyone in the photo party all dolled up and sexy. There was some major hotness in that house! Thank you again for welcoming us into your home, and for helping us bring a little sexy back.

Keegan F.

OMG! You, my dear, are amazing! I can’t believe what you’ve done….I feel like you made me look like that sexy part of myself I sometimes am afraid to let show. I can’t wait to show my fiancé. I’ve seen a couple of photos of the other ladies in the photo party, and you are brilliant! I thought you did a great job, even before retouching. Again, thank you, thank you.

Laura N.

Thank you for the opportunity to do something like this! I think I was just about as nervous as the other ladies, but once my session started, I felt at ease almost immediately. And I have to admit, I enjoyed it…who knew it? I can’t wait to see how you work your magic on the pictures.

Shannon T.

I love what you’ve done! You’ve helped me express my uniqueness in such a fun, feminine way. You captured the real core of me as a woman. And all this before I even saw the final photographs….the experience of the photo-shoot alone was so powerful and effective in getting me back to feeling comfortable in my own skin. Thanks so very much, Leslie.

Allison B.

Oh Leslie! These glamour photos are fantastic. OMG…these are fantastic!! You are amazing.

Cynthia R.

OMG! Leslie, you are a genius. These are fabulous!! I had no idea about boudoir photography; I decided to join the other girls just to have fun…but this is over my limits! Que bonita! Preciosa! What else can I say? I’m speechless at your professionalism.

Maria V.

My daughter looks fabulous in your photos of her…she’ll be thrilled to see them. And what a confidence boost it was for her to see herself in such a light.

Shannon T., re her daughter

Ok, I finally showed the photos from my shoot to my fiancé and my mom. They both loved them, especially the laughing one. He said the photos were so beautiful and beyond what he ever expected. He couldn’t believe how amazing they turned out…and he’s a pretty tough guy to please, having been a professional photographer himself…

Rachel  M.

Where do I start? Well, thank you so very much for the whole glamour experience a la Leslie Hoffman Photography. It was a really positive experience all around: wardrobe planning, consultation, hair and makeup, scheduling an entire day for myself and my cousin together, then getting a taste of what it may be like to be a Victoria Secrets lingerie model! You gave us great direction and you have the professional talent to turn a couple of stay-at-home moms into hot mamas!!

Tanya S.

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My daughter and I had so much fun as Leslie created a wonderful experience for us. The photoshoot was truly pleasurable as we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company with Leslie gently and skillfully coaching us throughout the session.The end result was more than I could have imagined…so grateful for this loving and lasting memory we will always enjoy together.

Nancy W.

My friend…you….are….amazing! Thank you so much for today. Your patience and peacefulness made me feel so comfortable. Also, thank you for helping me through my “first time”. I know you’ll make me look like a superstar. I can see why you love to take photos….so much fun! Every woman needs to experience it.

Joni T.