It’s not important for me to photograph celebrities. I’d rather photograph “real” women in glamour-inspired sessions, in which they can experience acting and looking like a celebrity.  Any woman who has ever felt a connection to a famous silver screen starlet, past or present, can treat herself to a fantasy, Hollywood photo session at my studio. Before the session takes place, we’ll discuss clothing ideas, determine the best hair and makeup styles, talk about what you can expect,  and discuss ideas beforehand, based on iconic Hollywood photographs. The consultation is key for a successful ‘alter ego’ session. Then, on the day of the session, I’ll coach you into elegant and glamourous poses to bring out the Hollywood siren that you’re recreating.

From a cat-like Marilyn Monroe to the classic confidence of Lauren Bacall and Audrey Hepburn, I’ll coach you all along the way to achieve these looks. It’s an amazing experience that blurs the lines between fashion photography, fine art, and traditional portraiture. You’ll feel beautiful, sexy and confident…..all in the comfort and privacy of a home/studio.

I dare you to be daring! Make it a girl’s day out…champagne and loads of laughter  are included! Bring me your Hollywood alter ego, your gowns, furs and vintage lingerie. Bring your bling. Let’s recreate those fabulous old photographs of Hollywood starlets….alluring portraits of you as you channel your “alter ego” aren’t just in the realm of the imagination.